Feb 16, 2023

Halton Borough Council is pleased to announce that all of the £23m Town Deal funding has now been secured for the Reconnecting Runcorn programme.

In July 2021, Runcorn was awarded £23.6m as part of the Government’s Town Deal scheme, following the submission of the Runcorn Town Investment Plan (RTIP). Given the title ‘Reconnecting Runcorn’, the RTIP is made up of seven projects, suggested by local people, businesses, community groups, institutions, and local authority. The Town Deal Board oversaw the prioritisation of projects.

In November 2022, Towns Fund money was secured for the first four projects: Brindley Theatre Enhancement, Creative and Digital Skills Centre, Health and Education Hub, and Runcorn Station Quarter Enterprise Facility.

The three remaining projects – High Street Connectivity, Town Centre New Homes, and Unlock Runcorn – have now also secured Towns Fund investment.

High Street Connectivity: A more pedestrian and cycling friendly environment, providing better local connections and more opportunities for active lifestyles, social interaction and wellbeing.

Town Centre New Homes: Two different brownfield sites where future residential development can be prepared.

Unlock Runcorn: An extension of the Bridgewater canal in a larger open space, landscaped area, with a visitor café point and mooring for a canal trip boat.

The business cases for these projects were submitted to Government in November. The documents had to provide evidence that demonstrated how each project met certain criteria set by the Government. This included setting out the outcomes and benefits to the community of each project; assurance that the project was fully costed and that it would deliver value for money; and that any potential risks have been identified and taken into consideration.

Welcoming the news, Halton Borough Council’s Deputy Leader and Town Deal Board member, Cllr Dave Thompson, says: “I’m delighted that we’ve now secured funding for all Reconnecting Runcorn projects which means we can now move forward with the exciting plans set to transform Runcorn.”

Chair of the Runcorn Town Deal Board, Adrian Fillingham said: “The Board is very pleased with the confirmation from Government of funding for the Reconnecting Runcorn programme of projects – we are proud to have been involved in the preparation and submission of the bid.
“In 2023 we will start to enter the delivery phase of the programme, and residents will start to see things changing on the ground. The delivery phase is a challenging but most exciting phase.
“We want to share our excitement for Reconnecting Runcorn with local residents and businesses at an afternoon public event on Friday 21 April at The Brindley. I hope you will join us and  learn more about the proposals.”

More information on all the projects can be found on the Reconnecting Runcorn website, www.reconnectingruncorn.info which is updated regularly. Messages can be sent to reconnectingruncorn@halton.gov.uk



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