Empowering the Future: Runcorn Youth Centre to Expand Opportunities for Local Children

May 24, 2024

Meeting with some of the staff at Power In Partnership Susan Nickson heard about the extraordinary plans to expand their services with Reconnecting Runcorn to build a Youth Centre on Runcorn’s High Street. The new centre will provide a commitment to nurturing talent, fostering community, and providing essential life skills, the Youth Centre is set to become a cornerstone of opportunity and growth for future.

Watch the video to hear the extent of the projects plans and what Susan Nickson thought about how this will benefit the future of Runcorn’s youth.

High Street Connectivity – Street Art

High Street Connectivity – Street Art

Dukesfield, a neighbourhood in Runcorn, is set to undergo a huge transformation with the launch of an ambitious street art project. Local artists will come together to bring new life to the streets and showcase the area's rich tapestry of local stories and history....