Creator of ‘Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps’ uncovers the plans to revitalise Runcorn

May 23, 2024

Susan Nickson, writer, and producer of the Runcorn-based sitcom ‘Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps’ recently took a tour to visit old filming locations and explore some of the projects as part of the ‘Reconnecting Runcorn’ initiative.

Funded through the Towns Fund which forms part of UK Government’s Levelling up agenda. The purpose is to drive sustainable long-term economic and productivity growth, through the regeneration of the town.

From the Set of an Award-Winning Sitcom to a Buddhist Temple

During her tour, Susan visited what used to be “The Archers” pub in her sitcom, which has been renovated and now stands as a Buddhist temple, which has recently announced significant developments within its premises as part of the ongoing Reconnecting Runcorn initiative.

This was her first time seeing the temple and Susan was amazed at the change and commented what a fantastic addition to Runcorn and for the local community.


Reconnecting Runcorn: Fostering Growth and Opportunity for the Future

Reflecting on the projects as part of this initiative, Susan expressed her optimism for the future of the community. ‘My hope for Runcorn, and particularly for Runcorn’s younger generation, the people that are growing up here at the minute, is that they don’t feel that they need to move away from the area in order to thrive and that the opportunities will arise here to build lives, to build careers and to consider it a home to be proud of.’


When asked about the success of ‘Two Pints’, Susan explained that the show’s relatability is what has made it popular and still relevant. The characters are relatable, and the audience can identify with the close-knit circle of friends. Susan enjoyed noticing ‘the small changes of course, and now the much larger changes that are that are happening on an extremely grand scale.’

High Street Connectivity – Street Art

High Street Connectivity – Street Art

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